Unraveling the Zodiac

Unraveling the Zodiac Ciphers and Codes takes the reader on a historical trek through the Zodiac letters and ciphers associated with the Zodiac murders in the 1960s. A systematic approach uncovers the messages hidden not only in the four Zodiac ciphers but, in each of the Zodiac’s letters as well, including some that have never been broken. The decrypted and unraveled ciphers reveal the identity of the people involved in the Zodiac case—including BOTH of the killers—their motivation for committing their crimes, the connection to the sinking of the Titanic, and the precise location of the death machine bomb.

‘IN March OF 2018, I BEGAN WORKING ON BREAKING what is known as the Zodiac 340 cipher. Who was the Zodiac and what is this cipher? The Zodiac killer was a serial killer who claimed responsibility for a series of murders which took place in the San Francisco area during the late1960s into the early 1970s.’

UNRAVELING the Zodiac Ciphers and Codes

How the Ciphers are Constructed

The chapters on how the ciphers are constructed and how the new cipher symbols were assigned are a couple of these places. I tried to present the work here in a visual format to make it easier to see. It does help to actually physically work with the ciphers. If you have a Scrabble game, put some masking tape on the back of the tiles (so you don’t ruin the game) and write the Zodiac cipher symbols on the back and layout the examples in the book.

I wanted to give some sense of what it was like trying to unravel these ciphers without detailing every step of every solution. For those who are averse to detailed, technical discussions there are some places that can be scanned without missing the overall point.’

Gary P. Kirschenheuter, Ph. D.